Sowing the seeds of hope (OPEC Fund)

Since its inception in 1979, the OPEC Fund for International Development has provided billions of dollars in support of development in some of the most disadvantaged regions of the world. To date, the fund has worked hand-in-hand with over 100 developing countries to battle poverty, eliminate inequality and raise prospects and living standards among the poor.
This quality film illustrates the Fund's achievements during the past 25 years by showing the impact of its work in needy communities around the globe. Some 22 projects are featured in Albania, Bangladesh, Ghana, Guatemala, Honduras, Mauritania, Senegal, the Sudan, Vietnam and Yemen. The film also visits the Fund's headquarters in Vienna, Austria, where senior officials talk about the origin, philosophy and aims of the institution.
The film deals with problems and solutions in areas such as education, health care, water supply, agriculture, road construction, energy, environment, HIV/AIDS and emergency aid. But, while highlighting success stories in the fight against poverty, Sowing the seeds of hope shows that much remains to be done "to turn the dreams of today into the reality of tomorrow."



Produced by Courage Films 2003
Directed by: Monica Ladurner
Director of Photography: Hermann Kurasch
Editor: Peter Schröder
Digital Operator: Martin Lotter
Special Visual Effects: Mark Beckmann
Composer: Goran Mikulec
Sound Design: Günther Radelmacher
Production Supervisor: Abdelkader Benamara
Production Coordinator: Audrey Haylins
Executive Producer: Hermann Kurasch

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