Image Films

Uniting against poverty (OFID Image Film)

Sowing the seeds of hope (OPEC Fund)

Restaurator of the year: Heinz Hanner

Hotelier of the year: Gabriela Benz

RHI Refractories

Jack and Jenny


The Eyes of Truth



Battle over animals (in production)

Mapuche (in development)

Sachertorte and Tequila

Peace Project European Union

Cultural Project European Union

Life with the Gods

Austrian artists in Bali

Amid bloody tears


Maps of Desire

Deishovida in Uganda

The Prince of Patagonia

Black Art of Ashanti

Black Film Star with Viennese Roots

Le Corbusier in India

Apropos Czernowitz

To whom belongs Adolf Loos

Art Films


Chyke David Jones

Wolfgang Widmoser - paintings